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Blank Koozie Wraps

Limited time sale.... $3.00 free shipping

Available in burlap, zebra, 4 stripe fabrics and 11 gingham choices.

If you place an order that includes koozie wraps ONLY, shipping is $1.00 for each 1-4 wraps (1st class shipping).

Example: If you place an order and the ONLY items on that order is 1-4 koozie wraps, shipping is $1.00 (1st class shipping) if you do not choose to add insurance the wraps. Insurance is extra.

5-8 wraps would be $2.00 (1st class). 9-12 wraps would be $3.00 and so on. The website will over charge for orders with koozie wraps ONLY.

If you place an order that has koozie wraps and any other items, shipping will be correctly calculated by the website. No refund will ne issued.

You will be refunded the overcharge amount for orders that have ONLY koozie wraps. Postal insurance is additional. Please see our "non insured items" policy.

Please note: We are not responsible for lost or damaged items once they are shipped. All customers are encouraged to choose our postal insurance option.


Our Price:  $3.00  

Approximate Shipping Time:
You can visit our "About Us" page for our store policies. Shipping is approx 21 business days. We appologize for any inconvenience.

Blank Koozie wraps

Can wrap or shorter bottle wrap?
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