Ruffle Shorts Koozie Wraps Bows Diaper Covers

Longalls, Pants, Ruffle Pants and Pantaloons

Jons Shorts Bubbles Neckties Bonnets

Aline Dresses Skirts Minky Gowns

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Cancellation policy:

Cancellations must be received within 48 hours from the time an order is received for a refund.

Return policy:

We hope that you will be very satisfied with your purchase. We only accept returns due to wrong sizing. We must be notified with 3 days from the time the item is stated to have been delivered, that a return is intended. Should you find that you need a different size, we will replace the original item with a different size, same color and style. Shipping time for replaced items will be the same stated shipping time frame listed on the website. Returned items must be in exact condition as when originally shipped to customer. Customer is also responsible for shipping cost.


We reserve up to 21 business days shipping (business days excludes Saturday and Sunday), . We will try to ship in less than 21 business days (business days excludes Saturday and Sunday), however depending on how heavy orders are at any given time it may take up to 21 business days to ship orders (business days excludes Saturday and Sunday),. Delivery confirmation is included with all items that we ship! Shipping insurance is offered and recommended for ALL orders. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR UNINSURED ITEMS! **Customer will be responsible for all shipping costs.**

Special note regarding fabric:

Whimsical Wears is unable to positively guarantee that all fabric comes from the exact same dye lot. Both gingham fabric and solid color fabrics are ordered from the same fabric vendor. However, the shade of fabric may vary from bolt to bolt. In order for Whimsical Wears to meet the stated shipping time listed on our website, it is a must that a "cut inventory" be kept, meaning that our outfits are cut in advance.


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Ruffle Shorts Koozie Wraps Bows Diaper Covers |  Longalls, Pants, Ruffle Pants and Pantaloons |  Jons Shorts Bubbles Neckties Bonnets |  Aline Dresses Skirts Minky Gowns | 

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