Ruffle Shorts Koozie Wraps Bows Diaper Covers

Longalls, Pants, Ruffle Pants and Pantaloons

Jons Shorts Bubbles Neckties Bonnets

Aline Dresses Skirts Minky Gowns

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Now offering Bubbles!

We use Fabric Finders premium gingham.

We have lined shorts $11.50 per pair, INCLUDES SHIPPING!!!

We get lots of questions about turn around times. We keep a 21 business day shipping listed on the website. We have learned in the past....having an online business, you never know how many orders you may receive. We may receive orders with 100 items on any given day or 3 items. We have found the 21 business day window allows us to accomodate all orders. Of course, this doesn't mean it will definitely take up to 21 business days. Chances'll be less. :-)

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Ruffle Shorts Koozie Wraps Bows Diaper Covers |  Longalls, Pants, Ruffle Pants and Pantaloons |  Jons Shorts Bubbles Neckties Bonnets |  Aline Dresses Skirts Minky Gowns | 

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